Quarter Life Crisis Journal Prompts


At some point in your twenties the quarter-life crisis may rear its ugly, ephemeral head and suddenly everything will feel like it’s going to crap.

 It can happen at 25 (often the age you realise its time you become an adult) or 28 (for astrologically-minded individuals, the age of the Saturn return, where your life gets upended spectacularly, and you start on a new course), or any time in between. Late bloomers might even wait until they’re in their early thirties before it hits them like a sledgehammer.

Whenever it hits you (if it does), you'll know you're experiencing your own quarter-life crisis when the pressures of realising your career ambitions, maintaining a meaningful relationship, buying your first house and/or starting to think about having a family begin to step up a notch.

Psychologists argue that quarter-life crises are made even more intense by social media, which distorts the notion of what your life should look like right now by showing you hundreds of peers living seemingly perfect lives to whom you invariably compare yourself, either consciously or unconsciously.

 If you’re currently experiencing dissatisfaction, lack of meaning, identity confusion, anxiety about your life direction, feel trapped, depressed or have no motivation, the first thing to realise is: you’re not alone.

According to a recent survey, around 75 per cent of those aged 25-33 experience a quarter-life crisis.

Handling your quarter-life crisis like a boss means taking some time to sit with your thoughts, connect with your inner self and allow it to guide you on what to do next.

To get you started, we’ve put together 34 prompts to reflect on. So, turn off your social feeds, break out your journal and start asking yourself these strategic questions:




  1. Is my job still meaningful to me?
  2. Does it really matter if I choose another career path now?
  3. What do I love to do with my time?
  4. How can I help other people through doing what I love?
  5. How would I prefer to spend my work days? Draw what this might look like for you.




  1. What are my top three personal values?
  2. What are my top five strengths?
  3. What makes me feel most fulfilled?
  4. Am I overthinking all this?
  5. What makes me feel fulfilled?
  6. How much wine is too much wine?
  7. Should I travel for a while until I work out what I want?
  8. Where do I see myself in five years?
  9. What do I want to achieve in the next 12 months?

Family & Relationships


  1. Do I really want kids?
  2. If having kids is a dream of yours what type of parent would you be?
  3. How will I afford kids?
  4. What does my perfect partner look like? (go for traits more than looks!)
  5. Do I want to marry? If so what does marriage mean to you?
  6. What does my ideal relationship look like? How will it make me feel?




  1. What can I invest in that will make me happy for longer than the latest fad?
  2. Do I even want to buy a house?
  3. Should I start an investment portfolio?
  4. Should I put money aside for my parents incase something ever happens
  5. When do I want to retire? How will I make that happen?



Everyday Life


  1. What would my healthiest self do today if he/she had the chance?
  2. Is it OK not to feel like an adult, even if I have adult responsibilities now?
  3. Should I meditate?
  4. Do I really need to buy more things to be happy?
  5. What do I need vs what do I want?
  6. What should I do vs what must I do?
  7. What does a perfect day look like for me?
  8. How about a perfect week? Or a perfect month?
  9. How can I start living my ideal life today?


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