What is "Conscious Beauty" and how to join this growing movement

Natural, organic and eco-friendly are certainly the buzz words of the moment.  The growth of more conscious consumers has meant that the skincare and beauty brands not offering these things have had to question their practices and products. 

Consumers are becoming more educated, and will not only read ingredients, but also take note if packaging is non-recyclable.

Conscious beauty is a lifestyle choice. Its a choice one can make to only buy from reputable, eco-friendly businesses.

Tips on looking out for Conscious Beauty brands.

1. Ingredients above all. Are they natural? are they organic? - This ultimately means less chemicals, herbicides and pesticides going up into the air and going on our skin.

2. Are they made in your country? save on CO2 carbon emissions.

3. Packaging choices? even if it says 100% recyclable please remember to always opt for glass packaging (glass has endless recycling capabilities) and does not use fossil fuels to manufacture, unlike plastic.

4. How do they contribute back to charities or climate change action?

Beauty has long been a billion dollar business, but when such a lucrative market begins to drive a socially responsible message, others industries follow. Here’s to helping to save the earth, one skincare product at a time.

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