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Australian Native Blue Gum + Palo Santo

Higher Self Vibrations Essential Oil Blend


As you embrace higher self vibrations, you will find yourself experiencing a profound sense of inner peace and clarity. The noise of the external world fades away, and you are able to hear the whispers of your intuition with unwavering clarity. You become a channel for divine inspiration, attracting positive experiences and synchronicities into your life.

As the scent opens the unmistakable aroma of Eucalyptus takes centre stage, transporting you to a tranquil forest, where the leaves sway in harmony with the breeze. The heart of the blend reveals a delicate balance between the cool, camphoraceous facets of eucalyptus and the subtle woody nuances that compliment its green top notes. A captivating aura that transcends time and space. The blend closes with a mystical dance of smoky and resinous notes, reminiscent of the sacred Palo Santo wood burning slowly, releasing its aromatic embrace. Finally it reveals a harmonious blend of warm spices and herbs creating a balance that is both captivating and comforting. Its enchanting aroma transports you to sacred sanctuaries, purifying the air and elevating the spirit. Each breath filling you with a sense of profound awareness.

Designed for the seekers of truth and the adventurers of the soul,  the perfect companion for moments of meditation or reflection. 


Product information


"Gracious Minds is a more sustainably-sourced skincare brand paving the way for a skincare regime that serves even the most sensitive of skin types. The consciously clean, holistic label creates a capsule of skincare treats with advanced Australian skincare extracts."

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