Embedded in the Gracious Minds collection is our sustainable ideology of wellness without harming sentient beings and using only natural resources that are able to maintain an ecological balance. We believe having a platform comes with a responsibility to speak out for what we believe in, to communicate with total transparency, and to educate on conscious consumption. 
Sustainably Organic 
After almost 2 years of research we have carefully sourced and quality tested our ingredients from reputable farms and suppliers that also share our commitment to sustainability. A sustainable crop means it can be renewed after harvest and we found the most sustainable crops and management were located here in australia which is why most of our ingredients come from Australian farms. 
Whilst Gracious Minds is yet to become a "certified organic" business we do source the majority of our ingredients from certified organic farms. An organic farm means they farm without pesticides or herbicides leaving a very minimal mark on the environment. 
Vegan and Cruelty Free
Gracious Minds is 100% Vegan and cruelty free. 
Cold-Pressed + Small Batch 
Wherever possible we source cold-pressed oils. Cold-pressed (or extra virgin) oils are made by using pressure to extract the oil from the seeds. No heat is used during the processing which means the oil maintains all its benefits. In addition Cold-Pressed oils have a much less environmental impact than heat extracted oils. 
We do not manufacturer in the thousands like most mainstream cosmetic companies. We mix in small batches to maintain the benefits of each products offerings. This also allows us to work with natural safe preservatives such as rosemary leaf and New Zealand Native Totarol Bark. 
99% Nature derived 
We are advocates for natures gifts as long as nature can be replenished. We can trust in nature and its ability to heal without harming our bodies. 
Upcycling design 
We are committed to offering products that are sustainably sourced and designed. We believe in considered choices and a conscious move towards up- cycling. Our vessels have been attractively designed using FSC certified wood and glass so that they may fit seamlessly into your lifestyle post use. 
Boxes made from cotton
The boxes that hold our glass are made from recycled cotton paper. 100% biodegradable and recyclable post use. 
Australian Conservation Foundation
Gracious minds have partnered with the ACF in order to contribute funds to helping conserve our land and wildlife.
Mailer Packaging 
Our packaging may either arrive in a 100% recycled FSC certified cardboard mailer box or a compostable mailer bag which is made from plant materials. The most sustainable option for end users once finished is to put them in with food scraps and garden waste. They will break down within months* in a compost environment in a non-toxic process.
End note
Our aim is to foster a deeper connection to the environment and one’s inner self. We are deeply committed to reducing humanities carbon footprint through our formulas, designs and environmental commitments.