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Q. How much Vitamin C is in Alpha-Berry Active Vitamin C Serum?

Our Vitamin C Serum gets its Vitamin C content from fruit extracts; Mountain Berry, Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry etc. We do not give our serum a specific vitamin c percentage. This is because the amount of Vitamin C between individual fruits varies and every harvest is unique. In addition studies have shown that, typically, the percentage of synthetic Vitamin C (Think L-ascorbic Acid), decreases in 30-75 days. This means a product may start with a high percentage of Vitamin C (15% for example) but that amount will steadily decrease over a short period of time, regardless of packaging. Whereas, the stable Vitamin C found naturally inside Alpha Berry remains highly potent and active for its lifecycle.

Q. How long do your products last?

Due to our ingredients being mostly certified organic, it is best to use them within 6 months of opening to ensure the extracts perform at their peak.

Q. Does the skincare range contain essential oils or fragrance?

There are no essential oils in our skincare range except for Daily Elements Oil Cleanser (0.5%) and this is due to it being a rinse off product rather than a leave on. Essential oils (think orange, neroli, frankincense etc) can have antibacterial benefits, however most of their components can significantly irritate and damage the skin over time.

Q. In what order do i apply Gracious Minds Skincare?

Skincare should be applied from thinnest to thickest form. After cleansing, replenish your skin with "Beyond the Surface" : Our hydrating and nourishing facial mist. Then follow with hyaluronic acid "Hydra-Marine." Hyaluronic Acid must always go on damp skin in order for it to bind itself to skin cells and work. Then apply our advanced Vitamin C serum: "Alpha Berry" and finish with "Vitamin Sea" or "Photosynthesis" depending on what skin concerns you're focusing on.

Q. I'm interested in collaborating with you, how can i get in touch?

We work with brands and influencers who share similar values to us. Please read about Gracious Minds first before reaching out. If you feel our values align please email 


“There is no such thing as away. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere.”

Written by Annie Leonard

Sustainable Practices

To encompass the entire life cycle of a product, we begin with product design, and envision the use and management of materials in ways that preserve, value and minimize environmental impacts, whilst conserving natural resources.

Cotton Paper

Our product boxes are made from cotton paper. Cotton paper, also known as rag paper is made using cotton from used cloth as the primary material. 

Place in your household green waste bin. Must first be torn into parts.

Glass Vessels

Our products are filled in glass bottles. In Australia only 9% of plastic household waste is currently recycled whereas glass is currently at 56%.

Labels & Pumps

In Australia plastic pumps and labels cannot be placed in your household recycle bin. To recycle, we use TerraCycle to ensure these product parts are in fact recycled post use. At the end of the products life, please remove labels and pump parts and mail to us. Please include your name, email address and order number and upon receiving we will email you a $10 discount code to use on a future order. Please email us first prior to shipping.

Gracious Minds are not responsible for untracked or missing product part returns.

Forest Stewardship Council Certified

Our skincare lids are made using FSC Certified wood from sustainable and renewable resources. Our manufacturer is a small family owned business who produces sustainable furniture. Please note we are phasing out our wood caps containing a plastic lining. Most of our product caps now have no plastic lining.

Australian Conservation Foundation

We contribute a fixed amount to The ACF. The ACF is Australia's national environment organisation who speak out for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places and wildlife we love.


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