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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Vitamin C Serum gets its Vitamin C content from fruit extracts; Mountain Berry, Kakadu Plum, Acai Berry etc. We do not give our serum a specific vitamin c percentage. This is because the amount of Vitamin C between individual fruits varies and every harvest is unique. In addition studies have shown that, typically, the percentage of synthetic Vitamin C (Think L-ascorbic Acid), decreases in 30-75 days. This means a product may start with a high percentage of Vitamin C (15% for example) but that amount will steadily decrease over a short period of time, regardless of packaging. Whereas, the stable Vitamin C found naturally inside Alpha Berry remains highly potent and active for its lifecycle.

Vitamin Sea is Vitamin C based and Photosynthesis is Vitamin A based. Although both work in similar ways; they remain different in order to target different skin concerns. Vitamin A is generally used to firm skin and increase elasticity whereas Vitamin C is mostly for repairing, brightening and preserving the skin. Vitamin Sea is also a great option for those already using a retinol they are used to. Vitamin Sea will increase any retinol's effectiveness due to its high antioxidant structure.

The reason why Vitamin Sea is listed as a night oil is simply due to its ability to better deliver its benefits whilst the skin is working overtime. When we sleep our skins blood flow increases and the skin ultimately is rebuilding itself so antioxidants (such as Red algae & Totarol bark) are working at their optimum level. It's more than fine to use during the day too.

Due to our ingredients being mostly certified organic, it is best to use them within 6 months of opening to ensure the extracts perform at their peak.

All of our skincare products and perfumes are made in Australia.

Yes and Palm oil free.

There are no essential oils in our skincare range except for Daily Elements Oil Cleanser (0.5%) and this is due to it being a rinse off product rather than a leave on. Essential oils (think orange, neroli, frankincense etc) can be rich in antioxidants and contain antibacterial ingredients however most of their components can significantly irritate and damage the skin over time.

Skincare should be applied from thinnest to thickest form. After cleansing, replenish your skin with "Beyond the Surface" : Our hydrating and nourishing facial mist. Then follow with hyaluronic acid "Hydra-Marine." Hyaluronic Acid must always go on damp skin in order for it to bind itself to skin cells and work. Then apply our advanced Vitamin C serum: "Alpha Berry" and finish with "Vitamin Sea" or "Photosynthesis" depending on what skin concerns you're focusing on.

Yes. Unlike synthetic retinol, it won't break down in the sun or make your skin more sensitive to UV rays so you can use it both day and night.

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