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10 Journal prompts to manifest your dream life

 Everything that occupies our mind manifests itself in the universe. This is an observable principle known as the law of attraction and one of the most powerful ways to use...

 Everything that occupies our mind manifests itself in the universe. This is an observable principle known as the law of attraction and one of the most powerful ways to use it is through a diary where you can write down all the things you want to bring into reality.

So, in order to help you get the most out of this universal law, we compiled 10 powerful prompts that you can use to achieve your dreams.


1. Visualize Your Dream

In order to go anywhere first you need a clear idea of where you are trying to get to, so try to visualize what your ideal life would be like, not necessarily on material accomplishments, but more in terms of your personal happiness. Ask yourself “If I was as happy as I could be, what would it look like?”

2. Be Specific

 The best way to put the visualization we discussed above into paper is to be as specific as possible. For example, just writing “I want to be happy” is good, but what does happiness even mean to you? By being as descriptive as possible, you are giving yourself a target, and the motivation to hit it.

 3. Set Your Intention for the day

Set intentions that will help you achieve your dream and give yourself a deadline to complete them. These can be simple things like “I will make a new poem until Thursday” or more elaborate ones like “I will have my own business in five years”.

4. Mark every victory

Sometimes putting these intentions into practice can be hard, so you’ll need to keep yourself motivated to keep attracting success. A great way to do this is by marking down the little victories you had each day in your gracious minds journal. Using the book example again, it could be something like “I wrote an entire chapter today.”

 5. Keep An Affirmative Mindset

 Affirmations are an excellent prompt to purge negative thoughts and feelings from your system in a constructive fashion. Writing things like “I am beautiful”, “I can do it”, “I’m a good person”, and reading them to yourself are a great way to use the law of attraction.

 6. Write about things for which you’re grateful

 This particular prompt will be very useful in the darker days when your dreams seem the farthest. Write 10 things for which you are grateful, big or small, and reflect on all the ways in which you are fortunate.

 7. Make a list of Good Habits You Need To Adopt

 Many people tend to think that the law of attraction means that if you just think positively, things will magically happen around you. That is not the case. So, our seventh writing prompt is going to be a list of habits that bring you closer to your goal like “studying piano every day for an hour”, or “reading one chapter of a book per day”.

 8. Make A List Of Bad Habits You Need To Let Go Of

 Just like there are good habits that bring you closer to your dreams, there are bad habits that drag you away from them. Write down a series of habits you need to eliminate today like “sleeping too much”, “procrastinating”, or “eating unhealthy foods.”

 9. What  Beliefs Need to go?

 A similar principle to what we described bad habits goes for certain beliefs you hold about yourself. Small toxic things we tell ourselves like “Oh I’m just average, doing x is above my league”. Identify the beliefs that are holding you back, list them, and throw them away.

 10. Write Down What you learn

 You will learn many things by engaging in the law of attraction, so every time you experience a great success or a setback, write it down for posterity. On the darker days, you’ll always be able to read through it and pull through by manifesting these important lessons.

The law of attraction is an amazing way to materialize our dreams into reality, but it is not the only tool at your disposal. If you want to learn about more ways to live a happy life, you will find plenty of articles on our site pointing you in the right direction.

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