Sustainability & Contribution

To encompass the entire life cycle of a product, we begin with formulation, product design, and envision the use and management of materials in ways that preserve, value and minimize environmental impacts, whilst conserving natural resources.


Our skincare formulations have been carefully formulated for sensitive skin in Australia. We use a blend of certified organic, organic, natural and nature identical ingredients.


Contribution I: Conservation Australia : We contribute a fixed amount to The ACF yearly. The ACF is Australia's national environment organisation who speak out for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places and wildlife we love.


Contribution II: Mental Health : CATA provides mental health support programs through person-centred, practice-based, Creative Arts Therapies for people living through adverse physical, psychological and social life experiences.


Packaging: Our product boxes are made from cotton paper or recycled kraft. Cotton paper, also known as rag paper is made using cotton from used cloth as the primary material. Place in your household green waste bin. Must first be torn into parts. In addition our products are filled in glass bottles for endless recycling.