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How to have a spiritual awakening

How to have a spiritual awakening

Anyone that has ever gone through a significant shift in their lives can trace it back to a single moment of clarity where they found themselves in possession of a greater awareness than they ever had before. Now, while this moment in itself is powerful enough to change people’s lives, it can lead to the beginning of a journey called “A Spiritual Awakening”.

Maybe you are just now feeling the call to start this journey, maybe you yearn for the call, in both cases, this article will hopefully provide you with guidance.

By “having a spiritual awakening” we would not like to lead you into the idea that this is something you could do right now, that would be like forcing your hair to grow. Spiritual awakening is a journey that starts with but a moment of clarity when you become aware of an internal or external fact about either yourself or the world around you. This can come suddenly like lightning or be slowly built up like rain. What matters is that you are ready to embrace it when it finally happens.

The Journey

Once you have this important moment of clarity, you want it to be a sunrise and not a bolt of lightning. Too many people go through an episode of spiritual awakening only to shrug it off, either due to not knowing much about it, or simply because they either don’t believe or don’t care. Now, if you embrace it, and seek to keep the momentum in your expansion of conscience, you eventually touch the light, and that can be a beautiful thing.

In practical terms that means leading a more contemplative life with constant meditation, always seeking to find the universal truth within. This will not be an easy path, and you are likely to run into those smaller versions of yourself that do not want to be erased in this evolution, but getting lost too is part of the trajectory, and so is coming back home.

The Reward

The result of following this path of continuous awareness expansion through constant spiritual practice is that happiness and glee will become inherent to your being. This is not because nothing going to go wrong ever again, but rather, you will have the lightheartedness of someone who approaches life from a bigger picture. This detachment is the effect of being connected to the higher divine energy that binds all things in the universe and can be accessed through your inner self, which by now, should just be you.


When the call for a spiritual awakening comes you don’t want to let it pass by, it needs to be seized as we do with each day. It is a long and winding path, full of strife, but like most roads that cut through the mountains, it eventually leads to a higher place.


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