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The Power of Self-Hypnosis And How It Can Change Your Life For The Better.


We’re fortunate to live in a time where self-awareness is power, where it’s better to be authentic than to pretend, and where flaws are the birthplace for change. Yet and still, as we grow, we continue to move toward progression and seek to overcome our internal barriers. Whether those barriers are negative or just need a little fine-tuning, self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that can assist you on your journey.

If you’re new to the concept of self-hypnosis, it’s a harmless way to keep control and achieve many of the same benefits of working with a hypnotherapist to change behavior. There are fears, doubt, and hindrances that are so deep in our subconscious, we need help changing that behavior and shifting the course of our internal conversations. Many believe that we operate through our conscious minds when, in fact, it is our subconscious mind that controls the largest percentage of it. Self-hypnosis allows us to speak to our subconscious and tap into the deepest part of ourselves. Since all you need is yourself to get started.

Before exploring self-hypnosis, you must have an open mind for its benefits to be successful.

You must:

  • Want to be hypnotized
  • Not fear being hypnotized
  • Not be too skeptical or attempt to over-analyze the process

There’s also some pre-work involved – you must know or have an idea of why you need self-hypnosis. You must be honest about yourself, make sure you’re seeking things of a positive nature, and that the changes in which you seek are stated simply and not complexed.

For example: To help with an addictive habit, like smoking, you may use, “I am a non-smoker.” Or to relieve stress at work, you would say, “I am relaxed at work.” These statements reflecting your changes is what you will need to remember during your self-hypnosis.

  1. To begin self-hypnosis, you must feel physically relaxed and comfortable. You will need to find an object that is placed in front of you to focus your vision and attention, where your head is upright and forward.
  2. Take the time to clear your mind of all thoughts, focusing on your object while becoming aware of your eyes as your eyelids become heavy and are slowly closing.
  3. Slow your breathing, allowing yourself to relax deeper with every breath.
  4. Visualize a gentle up and down or sideways movement similar to a pendulum.
  5. Softly and slowly countdown from ten, saying I am relaxed after each number.
  6. When you’ve reached zero, you should be in your hypnotic state. At this time, repeat and focus on your change statements. While you’re in your hypnotic state, you are speaking to your subconscious – rewriting your negative internal conversations!
  7. Relax and prepare to bring yourself out of your hypnosis state by reverse counting from one to ten.
  8. Slowly let your conscious mind catch up with your present, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Take some time and practice these steps as you journey into self-hypnosis. You are sure to see your positive changes peeking through reversing what you thought was irreversible.

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