Sustainable Practices

Every product we formulate and package is created with the utmost consideration for the planet. 

  1. A commitment to sustainable harvesting practices including both organic and Certified ACO + COSMOS+ NZ Organic Ingredients. 
  2. We contribute to the Australian Conservation Foundation to help restore and protect our land against climate change. 
  3.  Our lids are made from FSC (Forest stewardship council approved wood) and bottles are made from glass for endless recycling. 
  4. 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free
  5. Our box packaging is biodegradable. 

 We have also partnered with TerraCycle to ensure our pumps and labels are also recycled. You can ship your labels and pumps back to us and we will supply you with a $10 credit for future orders. To find out more visit our page "Zero waste commitment."