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How to access your intuition more

Between the things we know and that which we are aware of there is a fine line and the knowledge that falls on the former side of that line, but...

Between the things we know and that which we are aware of there is a fine line and the knowledge that falls on the former side of that line, but not the latter, is what can be called intuition.

It can also be called “instinct”, “gut”, or even your “heart of hearts”, yet the fact remains that you are not aware of everything you know. This knowledge however still acts giving us seemingly unexplainable insight. Kind of like a superpower. So, in order to help you harness it, here are some tips on how to access your intuition more consciously and more often.  


 Let Your Subconscious Work

The Siberian chemist and prominent scholar Dmitri Mendeleev was in a bit of a dilemma: He was trying to classify what at the time were the 56 known elements of chemistry and after hours hunched over his desk, he could not think of a way to do it. Tired and frustrated, he went to sleep, only to jump out of bed having invented the periodic table in his dreams.

This is a great example of how your subconscious can be a gateway into intuition as we described it. So, whenever you are struggling, or when you are about to enter a situation that takes you out of your comfort zone feed your subconscious as much information as possible, then, let it “ferment”, giving your conscious mind some time to rest. Eventually, an answer will surface. 


Make It Easy

 Sometimes we will not have time to let our subconscious work, some questions are made with an immediate answer in mind, so how can we answer them intuitively? After all, sometimes we try to tap into our intuition, but it remains silent, we must provoke it into action.

This can be done by assigning different outcomes (and their respective consequences) to the different sides of a coin, (or dice if there are more than two outcomes) then throwing them, not so they will make the decision for you.

Using the example of the coin, if it lands on tails, and you feel your heart sink, you’ll know that your intuition is telling you to go with the option on heads and vice-versa.


Intuition Is NOT Fear

Sometimes a new possibility opens up before us and we either refuse to acknowledge it or outright avoid it under the excuse that our intuition is telling us so. Yet, is that really just our intuition or just fear?  Is there a difference?

Yes, there is absolutely a difference between fear and intuition in the fact that while intuition is an “inner compass” of sorts, that guides you through life, fear is an entirely physical reaction that sprouts from our self-preservation instinct. Where intuition suggests, fear dictates.

A gut feeling is often the first step towards extraordinary things, and being able to listen to your gut will often lead to meaningful choices. Our intuition is a testament to a deeper conscience that exists within us and that tells us when we might be missing on amazing experiences.

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  • Sarah Cowlishaw
    Sarah CowlishawApril 18, 2021

    Hello Gracious Minds,
    All your products look divine, are they made in Melbourne, including the beautiful Reflections Journal?
    Further, I have seen your Forest Bathing Native bath soak on other websites, but it is not on your own. Is this product discontinued?
    Many thanks,
    Sarah Cowlishaw

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